Corey (newercorey) wrote,

a few things

So, probably the most exciting thing ever happened to be about 2 days ago: I met Bruce Campbell. Yeah, THE Bruce Campbell. Quite possibly the most down-to-earth guy I've ever met. Maybe one of these days I'll become friends with him and we'll make a movie together. I can see it now: Pirate Space Monkeys in Paradise 3000: Starring Bruce Campbell. He autographed my copy of "If Chins Could Kill" and shook my hand, my life is now complete.

So I've come to terms with Ohio and The Army stealing all my friends from me. I actually find it quite amusing in some respects.

I'm in-between schools at the moment. I'm hoping to able to get back into it by the winter. We'll see.

Still looking for Ms. Right. Well... maybe Ms. Right Now ; )

Anyway, that's my life.
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